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Dec. 3rd, 2011 05:59 pm
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I'm new to DW but not new to journaling. I have a couple of accounts on LJ (one regular and one sex), and a regular account here on DW.

Not sure what the exact content of this journal will be, but I think it's safe to say it'll be adult-oriented.

There's an open-friending policy on this journal, so feel free to add me to your circle - you don't need to ask if you don't want. This journal is also open-minded and live-and-let-live about everyone's sexual business. I won't tolerate intolerance.

Any questions, feel free to ask! I'm very open and honest, and I'll answer all your questions to the best of my ability. Don't be shy!
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White plastic vibe - on
Bedroom - lying n my stomach, rubbing against the vibe
Fantasy - being teased, and begging to come


Mar. 20th, 2013 03:05 pm
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The website I host my pics on - weblogimages.com - is down, so no pics for a while. Hopefully it's only temporary, because there are some pics there that I don't have anywhere else. And it seems like any pics I had linked there are not showing up here at all anymore. Hm.

Any suggestions on where I can house my very nsfw pics?
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Blue vibe - on
Bedroom - on the bed on my knees, riding my vibe, and then on my back to come
Fantasy - riding my boy’s cock, telling him how good his dick feels in Mama’s pussy, how wet it’s making me, how I’m going to come all over it
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1something am
Blue vibe - on
Bedroom - in bed, under the covers
Fantasy - sex club fantasy; masturbating in front of a group of guys with them cheering me on
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Blue vibe - on
Bedroom - on the floor on my back
Fantasy - having a good little boy eat my pussy, calling him my good boy, and telling him that if he makes me come I’ll reward him by letting him put his little boy cock in my pussy
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Just wondering if you guys like seeing which toy I use everytime I masturbate, or not. I thought posting pics of my toys might make the tracking posts more interesting. What do you guys think?
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After spending all day walking around the store wearing nothing under my tights, I spent almost the entire drive home with my hand in my pussy, and as soon as I got home I stripped down and buzzed one out. :D
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Decided to wear a skirt to work today, but not wear panties. I'm still going to wear to tights of course, but that's ALL I'll be wearing underneath. Should be an interesting night. ;)
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I masturbated 7 times in February; twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon, and twice at night with a total of 11 orgasms.

I used the blue vibe 4 times, my benwa balls 2 times, the white vibe once, my purple vibe once, and the anal beads once.

I masturbated 5 times in or on my bed, once on my bedroom, and once leaning against the kitchen counter.

I used 3 Daddy fantasies, 1 sex club fantasy, 1 anonymous fantasy, and there were 2 times I didn’t use a fantasy at all.
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I masturbated 3 times in January, once in the morning and twice in the afternoon with a total of 8 orgasms.

I used the blue vibe twice, and the white vibe and the blue dildo one time each.

All three times I masturbated in or on the bed.

I used one Daddy fantasy, one performance fantasy, and there was one time I didn't use a fantasy at all.
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Blue vibe - on

Bedroom - in bed, lying under the covers
Fantasy - sex club fantasy: being laid out over a table and having my pussy played with by one man, while the others at the table talk and act as if I'm not even there
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11:09am, 11:15am, 11:16am, 11:17am
Benwa balls

My hand
Blue vibe - on

Bedroom - lying on the edge of the bed, with my knees up and spread wide
Fantasy - Daddy making me put the benwa balls in my pussy and walk topless around the empty house, making the bed and doing laundry, sitting and reading between loads; then making me lay on the bed and finger my wet pussy (with the balls still inside) and spread my juices all over myself, put the vibe inside so it made the benwa balls vibrate too, and making me fuck myself until I come over and over again
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Blue vibe - on

Bedroom - lying on my back under the covers
Fantasy - Daddy forcing me to come, begging him to stop, please Daddy, no, please
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1:43pm & 1:45pm
Blue vibe - on

Bedroom - lying on the bed with my legs spread wide
Fantasy - none


Feb. 25th, 2013 08:10 pm
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I think that the next time my parents go on vacation (which should be in April) I'm going to experiment with some object insertion. Starting with the obvious fruits and veggies (cucumbers, zucchinis, bananas, etc.), and then maybe whatever I can find around the house.

Feel free to make suggestions, because of course there will be pictures. Keep in mind that I can't stretch very much, so nothing too big or outrageous.
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Blue vibe - on

Bedroom - on the floor on my knees
Fantasy - getting fucked from behind, but not knowing who was fucking me


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