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Just wondering if you guys like seeing which toy I use everytime I masturbate, or not. I thought posting pics of my toys might make the tracking posts more interesting. What do you guys think?


Nov. 7th, 2012 11:00 am
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Yesterday was the last day of my period! Hooray! That means I can play and take pictures all day today!

I went shopping at the local toy store this morning, but before I left I put my ban-wa balls in my pussy and took the dog for a walk wearing those, my jeans, and a hoodie with nothing else underneath. When we got into the wooded cul-de-sac I unzipped the hoodie and let the girls out into the fresh air.

Then I went shopping, still with the balls in my pussy. Mmm-mm-mm. Walking around the toy store and Walmart like that? Yummy.

Now for lunch and taking pictures!
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I realized the other day that I masturbated a lot more when I had a detachable shower massager in my bathroom. The one I had at the old house was fantastic, worked like a charm to get me off. I had a wider range of fantasies too, for some reason. It never occurred to me to take it with when we moved, and for the life if me I can't remember what brand it was. Though we'd had it for so long it probably isn't available any longer even if I could remember the brand. Guess I need to go shopping. ;D
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Stumbled across this article about a sex toy shop in Brooklyn, NY that delivers in under an hour, by bike messenger! For when you absolutely, positively, have to have your toys immediately. Very cool! I bet the messengers have all kinds of interesting stories. ;)


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