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Masturbated 10 times last month. Wow!

Used the blue vibe 8 times, the purple dual-action vibe once, the blue dildo once, the ben-wa balls once, and my fingers once.

Masturbated in bed 3 times, on my bedroom floor 4 times, on the bathroom floor once, and on the back deck twice.

Three sex club fantasies, one Mr Johnson fantasy, one Daddy fantasy, one rough sex fantasy, three times without a fantasy, and one time I can't remember the fantasy.
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Blue vibe - on
Back deck - completely naked, sitting in the sunshine
Fantasy - none, just enjoying the thrill of being outside totally naked and masturbating
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Blue vibe - on
Bedroom - on my knees on the floor, humping a pillow & then using my vibe
Fantasy - entertaining Mr Johnson

I think I may have squirted again, a little bit. I'm not sure, because I was on my knees so I couldn't feel it dribble down my ass like the last time. But I was masturbating for a long time like last time, pretty sure I was hitting my g-spot, when all of a sudden everything got really wet, and a few strokes later I came. When I checked the vibe afterwards, there was come dripping down it, but looked 'watered down' for lack of a better term. And there was a wet spot on the towel I was on (I always put a towel down, especially after squirting unexpectedly a few months ago and having to wash all my bedding). So, I think I squirted again, but not 100% sure about. But still, really good orgasm!
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Purple dual-action vibe - on
Bedroom - on the floor; knees first, riding the vibe, then on my back
Fantasy - Showing off for Daddy and his friend
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Today, 3/20/2012
Ben-wa balls in my pussy, my fingers on my clit
Back deck - sitting topless in a chair
Fantasy - None. I'd watched lesbian porn online, got all hot, put my ben-wa balls in my pussy (pretending I was doing it in front of Daddy), and took the dog for a walk. When we got home, I went out on the deck, took my top and bra off, sat in one of the chairs, then unzipped my jeans and rubbed my clit until I came.
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Today, 3/19/2012
Blue vibe - on
Bedroom - on the floor, leaning back on one arm
Fantasy - rough sex, pounding into my pussy
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Blue vibe - off
Bedroom - lying in bed, under the covers
Fantasy - none, I couldn't sleep so I decided to masturbate and see if that helped. It did!
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Can't remember the time
Blue dildo and blue vibe - on
Bedroom - on the floor, leaning back against the bed
Fantasy - Sex club fantasy: showing off at the club, crawling around the room with the blue dildo in my pussy, then being forced to have sex, begging them to stop, saying no, saying that it hurts, that I don't want to
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Can't remember the time - before 1pm at least
Blue vibe - can't remember if it was on or off, I'm thinking off
Bedroom - probably on the bed
Fantasy - can't remember
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Blue vibe - on
Bathroom - sitting on the floor with my back against the wall
Fantasy: sex club - getting fucked by Mr Tristan while the others watch and egg him on, telling him to make me scream, make me scream so loud that Daddy hears it in the back of the club.
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Today, 3/1/2012
Blue vibe - off
Still in bed, half-covered by blankets with my nightgown up over my tits and my vibe in my panties.
Fantasy: Sex club fantasy - getting fucked by Mr Tristan while other men watched and egged him on.


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