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After spending all day walking around the store wearing nothing under my tights, I spent almost the entire drive home with my hand in my pussy, and as soon as I got home I stripped down and buzzed one out. :D


Oct. 27th, 2012 10:42 am
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About 6 this morning I woke up to use the bathroom. When I got back in bed I was a little more awake, my mind was wandering around, and I couldn't fall back asleep. I thought I might try masturbating (but didn't actually get any toys out), but my mind couldn't settle on a fantasy. I'd start thinking about something, try to get myself 'in the mood', but then my mind would dart off onto something totally unrelated. Eventually, I turned onto my back and tried one last time, but I must have fallen asleep.

I say 'must have', because when I woke up later I was bit confused about whether or not I'd actually masturbated. Apparently my dream-self decided that masturbating sounded like a great idea because I had a very vivid, very realistic dream about it. I even came in the dream, in a very intense and real-feeling way. So I was confused about what had actually happened when I woke up.

Now, I'm not sure if I actually came in real life as well as in the dream, because I never have before. Of course, I've never squirted or had multiple orgasms before this year, so who knows.

Now, I'm not sure if I actually came in real life as well as in the dream, because I never have before. Of course, I've never squirted or had multiple orgasms before this year, so who knows.

I've never really had a 'sex dream' per se (I think being a virgin and not having a real life reference has something to do with this), but I have had sexy dreams, though nothing has ever come (haha, no pun intended) of them. Not like this morning.

I still don't know if I actually came or not, and there's no way of knowing, so I guess I'll just add it to the New In 2012 list and move on.
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I realized the other day that I masturbated a lot more when I had a detachable shower massager in my bathroom. The one I had at the old house was fantastic, worked like a charm to get me off. I had a wider range of fantasies too, for some reason. It never occurred to me to take it with when we moved, and for the life if me I can't remember what brand it was. Though we'd had it for so long it probably isn't available any longer even if I could remember the brand. Guess I need to go shopping. ;D


May. 25th, 2012 09:50 am
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The 'rents left early this morning, so I woke up to an empty house. Yay! To celebrate, I sat out on the back deck and had breakfast, wearing only my panties. It was wonderful! I think I might be turning into a nudist, lol!

After breakfast I came inside and masturbated. Loudly.

Now I'm off to work. When I get home I'm sure I'll be back outside and naked, and then inside masturbating. Loudly. :D
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Can't remember the time. Before noon?
Blue vibe - on
Bedroom, on the bed. Started off by humping a pillow, then kneeling and using the vibe.
Fantasy - showing off for Daddy
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Today, 2/18/2012
Blue vibe - on
Bedroom, lying on my bed, back against the pillows
Fantasy - Daddy fantasy
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Today 2/6/2012
Blue vibe - on
Bedroom, standing, bent over and leaning on my dresser.
Fantasy - playing with Mr Johnson, begging him to fuck me and make me come before Daddy catches us.
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Today 1/31/2012
Blue vibe - on
Fantasy - Begging to come, promising to be such a good girl if only Daddy would let me come.
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Today 1/31/2012
Blue vibe - on
Fantasy - Couldn't really settle on one particular fantasy. Just kind of bounced around from scenario to scenario until I came.
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Blue vibe - on
Fantasy - started out with a bit of a Daddy fantasy, but that only lasted a few minutes before I just focused on the sensations of fucking myself.
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Today 1/15/2012
Purple dual-action vibe - on
this one right here )
Fantasy - Daddy's cock is too big, won't fit.
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Today 1/13/2012
Blue vibe - off
Fantasy - Daddy fantasy, bad girl being punished, forced to fuck Daddy, saying no, begging Daddy to stop.
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Today 1/9/12
Blue vibe - off
Fantasy - Started out as a performance fantasy, but quickly just became about focusing on the sensations as I fucked myself.
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I decided that for 2012 I'd keep track of how often and when I masturbated. Also, which toy I used and any accessories. So here's the first one!

After 12pm
Blue vibe - off
Black patent Candies fuck-me pumps - these right here.


Dec. 10th, 2011 04:17 pm
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I was masturbating, nothing really different about how I was doing it, but I was incredibly turned on. Okay, scenario.

I was with my 'Daddy' and he was showing me off to a friend of his, Mr Johnson (shut up it's my fantasy). I was sleepy, rubbing my eyes, but did what Daddy told me because he's my Daddy. So I got on my bed on my hands and knees and presented my ass and pussy to Mr Johnson. He and Daddy talked about me. Daddy told him what a good girl I was, how sweet my pussy was, how responsive I was, etc. Then Daddy told me to show Mr Johnson a good time, to treat him just like I would treat my Daddy.

I asked Mr Johnson if he wanted me to suck his peepee (yes, I did little girl talking in this fantasy), because Daddy liked it when I sucked his peepee. Mr Johnson said no, he just wanted to watch me fuck myself. I asked if he was sure, he said yes. I got my favorite vibe out, turned it on, and started rubbing my pussy with it. I told him that I liked it when Daddy put his peepee in my no-no place, how big Daddy was and how it hurt and how good it felt. I talked about Daddy using my bad place, my butthole, and how that hurt but it was good, too.

I put the vibe in my pussy, still on my knees on the bed, and started riding it, up and down, getting so wet and turned on. I was sloppy wet, the vibe was squishing in and out of me. I decided to take some pics (which I'll post in a bit), so I got my camera and got on my back and started taking pictures of the vibe in my pussy, and that turned me on even more. I pulled the vibe out and started rubbing it on my clit, hard and fast, and I could feel it building up in me, and I felt the urge to bear down and push, and I did, I pushed hard and just before I came I felt it. It was warm, and it trickled out of me and down my pussy and ass and onto the bed, and I came so fucking hard.

There was a big wet spot on my bedding, so now everything is in the wash, but I don't care because I'm so proud and thrilled that it happened, I wasn't even trying to it just happened. I only wish someone else had been here to see it.

And now I'm so turned on again from just talking about it, that I have to go masturbate again!
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All alone again! Time to watch some more porn and do some more masturbating. Yay!
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Alone in the house for a few hours. Gonna watch some porn, masturbate, then do a little yard work. Just so you know, lol.


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