Mar. 1st, 2013

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I masturbated 3 times in January, once in the morning and twice in the afternoon with a total of 8 orgasms.

I used the blue vibe twice, and the white vibe and the blue dildo one time each.

All three times I masturbated in or on the bed.

I used one Daddy fantasy, one performance fantasy, and there was one time I didn't use a fantasy at all.
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I masturbated 7 times in February; twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon, and twice at night with a total of 11 orgasms.

I used the blue vibe 4 times, my benwa balls 2 times, the white vibe once, my purple vibe once, and the anal beads once.

I masturbated 5 times in or on my bed, once on my bedroom, and once leaning against the kitchen counter.

I used 3 Daddy fantasies, 1 sex club fantasy, 1 anonymous fantasy, and there were 2 times I didn’t use a fantasy at all.
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Decided to wear a skirt to work today, but not wear panties. I'm still going to wear to tights of course, but that's ALL I'll be wearing underneath. Should be an interesting night. ;)
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After spending all day walking around the store wearing nothing under my tights, I spent almost the entire drive home with my hand in my pussy, and as soon as I got home I stripped down and buzzed one out. :D


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